Bilateral Korean relations hit the bulls-eye!

Bulgamaa  |   2016-10-19  |   Information

The Confederation of Mongolian Journalists, in cooperation with the Embassy of South Korea, organized a friendship competition running from Oct 14th to 15th. It featured archery, karaoke and a quiz and was held in the Terelj National Park. The event aimed to introduce the traditions of Mongolian archery to the South Korean visitors as well as showcasing the customs, traditional clothes and cuisines of the respective countries. The two-day showpiece was crowned by a competition between the journalists and officers from the embassy. Professional archers from the Association of Mongolian Archery 'Onch' introduced the traditions, customs and history of Mongolian archery to all those present. And, to ensure the competition was on target, they also taught the fundamentals of archery technique. The archer P.Tserennyam said, "The people from both groups learned quickly and shot well for the first time”. Ts. Khulan, a Mongolian officer at the embassy, added, "The Mongolian and South Korean friendship meeting was exciting, particularly when we saw the movie about the traditions of archery from ancient times until today and when we practiced with real bows and arrow. She continued, "Then, we had the opportunity to compete with each other using real equipment under the rules of Khalkh archery. Sadly, even though it was exciting, my shooting was 'clear', unfortunately”. – under the rules of Khalkh archery it is forbidden to use negative words and 'clear' means the archer did no shoot well. She concluded, "For female shooters, such as myself, the bows took quite a bit of our strength. But, it was very nice to meet the journalists and to have such an enjoyable time. I would like to thank the organizers of the event – CMJ – for the party and the archery competition”. The archery was followed by a quiz entitled 'Who knows South Korea best?”, which came with a very enticing prize. The winners were awarded return tickets from Ulaanbaatar to Busan and Ulaanbaatar to Inchon – the airport closest to Seoul. The winners of the archery competition also had reason to be cheerful. After firing their final arrows the best participants were able to take home between 300,000 and 1million togrogs. Ch. Gelet-Od, a cameraman at the MONTA studio which is part of the Montsame news agency finished second in the archery and had a positive message about the competition, "I really wish to engage more people in Mongolian archery”.