Mongolian media delegation impressed by Guangzhou's tradition and modernity

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"Guangdong is the largest economy in China. How could the province gain such a rapid economic growth? We are here to find out the reasons beneath the province's development."Mr. Galaarid Badam-Ochir, President of Confederation of Mongolian Journalists, explained the purpose of an 18-media-member delegation visiting Guangzhou on Saturday.

The Mongolian delegation consists of local editor, journalist and director started their tour in China. After 3-day-visit of Guizhou, a southwestern province with vivid minority culture in China, the group arrived at Guangzhou to explore another experience of China.

Zhao Shunguo, Deputy Inspector of the State Council Information Office, said the state council invited Mongolian journalists to visit and report China for a few years. Mongolia is an important neighbor to China. Media plays an important role on bilateral communication, which benefits Sino-Mongolia relation and civil understanding. The delegation visited Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co. Ltd., a local leading manufacturer of virtual reality (VR) product and 3D Printing industrial park on Friday. 

  The delegation visited Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co. Ltd., a local leading manufacturer of virtual  reality (VR) product on     Nov. 4. (Photo provided to 

  Mr. Galaarid Badam-Ochir, also the head of the delegation, said Guangdong is the highland of China's science  and technology. The province's transforming and optimizing of the backwardness have accomplished fruitful results. He  said running high-tech is the key measure of Guangdong developing its economy. High-tech cooperation  between Mongolia  and Guangdong remains virgin land to be explored. In addition to technology, the delegation also visited 289 Art Park, owned by  Nanfang  Media Group, which is  seen as the frontline of creative culture in South China. "I'm very exciting to visit Guangzhou. It    impressed me  so much." Mr. Enkhtuya Badarch, Head of the  administration of Mongolian National Public radio and television. He said  the 5-day visit  in China gave him  impression of both tradition and modernity. "As the neighbor country, Mongolia is happy and proud    to have  China  to be its friendly partner."