The Confederation of Mongolian Journalists has named the best of the bests

Bulgamaa  |   2016-12-12  |   HIGHLIGHTS / OVERVIEW / Activity

The ceremony of annual journalism awards of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists has taking place on Friday, December 9, 2016 and named Mongolian journalism best of bests.

The awards were consisted of four sections such as the best media organizations, the best journalism features, the award named after the President of the CMJ and the best of the bests. The awards were selected under following 18 nominations:

The winner for the nomination of the best local journalist’s feature of 2016 has named by T.Boldbaatar, Journalist of the Gobi-Sumber province

For the best photo journalist –Ch.Ganbat, photo journalist for Mongolian Sport’s Journalists Union

For the best news website’s journalist-G.Ulsbold, journalist for the "” news website

For the best magazine journalist- S.Bayarmaa, journalist for the "” magazine

For the best radio journalist – D.Bat-Orshikh, journalist for the Mongolian National Public Radio

For the best newspaper journalist –B.Bayartogtokh, journalist for the "Zasgiin gazriin medee” daily newspaper

For the best manager of the Mongolian media sector –G.Gantuya, Director of the "Gogo” news website

The second sections were competed over 200 media organizations and following award winners were named for:

The best local newspaper-"Erkh Choloo” newspaper of the Khovsgul province

The best local television-"Dornod TV” Television of the Dornod province

The best specialized magazine- "Mongolian Economy” magazine

The best selected magazine –"The Mongolian Observer” magazine in English language

The best news website –National news agency of Mongolia "MONTSAME”

The best newspaper –"Unuudur” Daily newspaper

The third section of the award was after named of the President of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists:

The Mongolian Mining Journal

N.Dolgor, Adviser for the "TV-3” Television

"Zar Medee” newspaper

"Open Door” newspaper,

The Mongolian Media Council

The winners for the best of bests were awarded:

The best of the bests of journalists -Kh.Bolormaa, Journalist for "Unuudur” Daily newspaper

The best of the bests of media organization -"Odriin Sonin” daily newspaper